Mt Johnson ; Mt Gilbert

10 Jun 2000 - by Rick Booth

World renown mountaineer Dee Booth successfully guided six climbers to the top of Mt Johnson on June 10, 2000. At the summit of Mt Johnson the entire team met Paul Wilms, a French speaking Belgian, who announced when meeting Dee, "Dee Booth? I know zat name, I have seen zat name in many Sierra registairs!".

The summitting team included Dee, Bojan Silic, Landa Robillard, Kelly Maas, Fi Verplanke, Maxym Runov, and Rick Booth. The weather was perfect and the time from the lower Treasure Lakes was about four hours. An ice axe is recommended at this time of year since there was a lot of snow on the southeast slope of the mountain.

On Sunday the group headed off for Mt Gilbert. Again, Dee lead the group of now eight individuals to the summit of Mt Gilbert. Since it was unlikely any new Belgians would be discovered on the summit of Mt Gilbert we brought Paul with us. We also added Alex Sapoznikov who had headed back to the car on Saturday looking for his wayward wallet. The biggest challenge was Treasure Col which had one short steep section. Ice axe recommended. Thanks to Kelly for kicking steps to the col. The weather was perfect and the time to the summit was about 4.5 hours. Summitting Mt Gilbert were Dee, Bojan, Landa, Kelly, Fi, Paul, Maxym, Alex, and Rick.

This was a great trip and for several people it was either their first time to the Sierra high country or their best elevation gain.

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