Sirretta Peak

24 Jun 1999 - by Ed Lulofs

6-24 Left Thursday morning for Sirretta Peak in the Kern plateau just East of Kernville. Just rested. Sick within a few hours even doing nothing. Took 62 mg Diamox. Felt better. Some motorcycles in afternoon. Sirretta Peak is a multi-abuse area. Evening climb to 1st saddle, 1/2 mile, 600 ft.

6-25 Fri Cold night 8900 ft 41F for what I brought. Left 10AM for hike. Went South around 1st peak: mistake. Returned via North. Four hour hike. Took 62 mg Diamox twice and felt GREAT. One fisherman at 8pm drove up and left.

6-26 Sat Colder night, 37 F. Left 7:30AM for hike, but still very tired from previous day. Fresh bear tracks. I am sure that I scared it off by the snoring loudly. Went North of 1st peak to 2nd saddle. Beautiful area without people. Went another 1/2 mile. Still 1 mile to Sirretta, but returned. Five hour hike at 9500 ft and felt GREAT. No Diamox needed today. Drove to Chimney Peak camp, slept 13 hours!

Any other weaklings on the list that would like to train with me for a real peak climb? Prize offered for slowest hiker. Photos to be placed on my web page at

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