Mt Rose, Nevada

25 Jun 1998 - by John Bees

The only interesting route for mountaineers is from the Galena Creek park approach off of Nevada SR431 (The Mount Rose highway). From the north park entrance take the Jones Creek-Whites creek trail first to to the top of the switchbacks (3.2 miles, 2,100') then along a side trail to Church's Pond. From the pond there's no trail but the route should be obvious to an experienced cross-country hiker/mountaineer. Basically the route is to climb the north face of the NE ridge above the pond on a diagonal traverse while heading towards the peak. Several interesting routes lead towards the year round snow field below the east summit ridge. Climb the snow field and head up along the summit ridge until you reach the stone wind shelters marking the true summit. fine view of Tahoe and beyond. Totals, time 1 way 4 hours, vertical 4,700', 1 way mileage ~5.

For peak baggers interested in the easiest route take the road and the trail from Mt Rose pass (8,900') on SR 431. Vert 1,900, miles 4.5 1 way.

It's popular and boring!

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