Sierra Point, on Grizzly Peak

27 Apr 1998 - by George Sinclair

On a recent visit to Yosemite Valley I succeeded in finding the old trail up to Sierra Point which was abandoned by the park service about 40 years ago. Sierra Point, which was named for the Sierra Club, is really more of a ledge on the southwest ridge of Grizzly Peak in Yosemite Valley. For those interested in doing the hike the following description is provided: From Happy Isles start up the main trail to Vernal Falls. Not too long after leaving Happy Isles you will pass a interpretive sign about rocks called "Rock Piles". From this sign retrace your steps about 12 feet, leave the trail and head up. Work your way up along the most obvious way. There is no path or marks of any kind here. Before too long you should begin working somewhat to the left where there are some large rocks. Among these rocks you should find a large cairn. This is the first sign of the route. From here on up you should be able to find a primitive path marked by ducks. When you get up higher you should begin finding places where the old trail went up steps. The last of these steps takes you to a ledge that you follow to an old railing at the edge of a cliff . The view from here includes four major waterfalls. For those who want more one can continue up the ridge to the top of Grizzly Peak - no trail - class 4.

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