Charlotte Dome

11 Aug 1998 - by Christopher Stone

In approaching Charlotte Dome this weekend from the west, we arrived at Charlotte Creek and turned up the creek towards the dome. This approach for the most part was reasonable, loose and steep, but reasonable until about half way up. At this point, a series of ledges block the way, and the path that we took through them included what I would guess was 4th and/or easy 5th class on slick slabs with 50-70 foot fall potential. It was certainly doable (and we did go this way) and thrilling, but a bit spooky in hiking boots without being roped up. Out of curiousity, and since I've never heard of this approach possibly requiring roping up, I was wondering whether anyone has done an easier west approach to (or descent from) the dome via Charlotte Creek from Bubbs Creek? Is it easier to stay close to the creek or go out to the west away from the creek? We did the latter on the way down and it involved much less in terms of slab roulette but plenty of dirt glissades.

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