Mt. Langley

4 Jul 1997 - by Chris Kramar

This trip to Mt. Langley was billed in Scree as a beginner peak- climbing trip. The trip proved very popular, as I had more sign- ups than I had space. The weather could not have been better; sunny and warm with no clouds. The only thing marring the trip was a moderate mosquito problem at the cotton wood lakes. After a brief (less than 3 hours) hike from the trailhead, we camped at the cottonwood lakes 4 and 5 area, just below Army Pass on Saturday night. We started hiking at 7 AM Sunday morning. As the group was large (8 people) and contained climbers of widely varying experience, we took 5 hours to reach the top. Everyone made it, including some people that I frankly had doubts about earlier in the day. We enjoyed fantastic views at the summit. I think that from the summit of Langley, all the 14ers can be seen except Shasta! It took us 3 hours to get down to camp. Everyone reported that they had enjoyed the climb and the superb weather. There was some brief, and I do mean brief, swimming in the lake by a number of brave souls, as the water was very cold. In fact Alex seemed to defy gravity by being able to exit the water seemingly as fast as he had entered! It looked like someone was fast-reversing a video of him diving into the water. We returned to the cars early the next day after a short hike out. This is a very enjoyable and picturesque area to be in and I recommend it for climbers of all abilities. Trip participants: Deirdre Conley, Juan Vera, John Cordes + Gerard (a summer intern at John's company), Dwight Goehring, Nancy Stevenson, Alex Sapozhnikov.

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