Round Top

6 Apr 1996 - by George Sinclair

Last Saturday I enjoyed some of the finest backcountry skiing I've ever experienced in an area about two miles south of Carson Pass. About five days prior to my visit an additional foot of new snow was added onto the already existing deep layer of snow. With the exception of the area close to the road, this new snow created acres of untracked slopes. In addition to the good snow, the weather was superb. It was warm, and there was no wind.

From the parking lot at the summit of Carson Pass I headed south, following the marked ski trail to Winnemucca Lake. I then worked my way up to the saddle between Round Top and The Sisters. After removing my skis, I hiked up to the top of Round Top, where I enjoyed a great view. Incredibly, there was still no wind.

From the summit I could see ski tracks going directly off the summit rocks and heading straight down the north face of Round Top. Apparently, some super-extreme skier had visited the mountain only a day or so earlier. Climbing up that face would be quite an accomplishment. Skiing straight down it is incredible.

After I retrieved my skis came the best part of the day - the ski down. The snow was perfect. Not too hard, and not too soft. Ice and crud was not to be found. The snow conditions that day could make anyone look good on skis. Unfortunately, it all ended too fast. In about 90 minutes I was back at the parking lot.

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