Climbing at the Leap

29 May 1995 - by Jim Curl

The Leap, as always, afforded excellent climbing. For some unknown reason it was not crowded this weekend.

I finally had the nerve to lead over that roof on Haystack and even managed to lead Labor of Love, the 10a clip-up to the right of The Line. The route caused Kai to resort to aid when he followed. Then on Sunday, I was the one trembling as I followed David Ress up the 5.7 Surrealistic Pillar. Climbing really confuses me sometimes.

Bob Suzuki and George Sinclair were with us Sunday as well. We all had a wonderful time. I really love the Leap!

From the climbs on the East Wall we had a good view of the south side of Pyramid Peak. It's starting to show some rock on the ridge, but there's still a lot of snow. I was wondering how you guys were doing up there.

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