Short Steps at Big Sur

12 Jun 1995 - by Anouchka Gaillard

Big Sur was quite windy, but not cold during this June 10-11 week-end.

As no peak was announced to be bagged, only a couple of people signed up. I must admit that Pfeiffer Big Sur is a huge campground that attracts mostly people who want to play music and chat until 2AM around the fire...

Nevertheless, on the first day, we climbed up to Skinner Ridge Viewpoint (and some of us to Devils Peak), from Bottchers Gap: we enjoyed astounding views of the Ventana Wilderness mountains and the sea afar. The trail was difficult to use at times, because of the new spring growth and lots of poison oak. The walk-in campground at Bottchers Gap does not have water, so it was almost completely deserted, yet open.

The second day, we took a shorter hike on the flat; in the Andrew Molera State Park, we followed the Bluffs trail to the Spring Trail, along the sea and onto the beach.

The youngest person of the party, Tania Louise (2), did her debuts as an enthusiastic hiker (well, for 200 yards). The rest of the time, she was a 32 lbs pack.

No tick bites. Phew.

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