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Climber.Org is an online community devoted to encouraging climbing by fostering electronic communication among mountaineers. Use the information you find here wisely - we don't have a bunch of criteria or qualification tests for who can lead or write, but we do have a bunch of contributors with their own opinions.

We DO NOT take advertising, ask for your money, or spend a lot of bandwidth on fancy graphics. Let us know if you think we should!

We DO ask for input. This is a volunteer site, and any information or help (from simply collecting information to CGI programming) will benefit the climbing community.

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Western States Climbers
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Acclimatization Facts
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Crampon Straps
Diamox Facts
Esbit Solid Fuel Stove
Fuel Bottles and Air Travel
Glacier Glasses
Home Made Gear
Ice Axe Wrist Loops
Trangia Alcohol Stove
Trip Reports
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