Lundy Canyon and Lakes Canyon

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See this popup local area map showing Conway Summit south to June Lake (look for waypoint LUN395).
View the waypoint file (above) for GPS Routes LUNDY CANYON and HWY 395 CONWAY TO JUNE LAKE.

Overall map: (detailed map of trailheads is below)

Take Hwy 395 about 8 miles north of Lee Vining, at the base of the southern Conway Summit grade. Turn west at waypoint LUN395 on the well-signed and paved Lundy Lake Road (where Hwy 167 goes east from Hwy 395). As you drive up the canyon, there is a mile-long Lundy Campground between waypoints CAMPLO and CAMPHI. Small pullouts are day use only, campsites require a fee.

In winter, the road is plowed to a gate (waypoint LUNGAT) with a small turnaround area. It's not clear if overnight parking is legal but there were no signs prohibiting it in 2011. Be sure not to block the gate!

Above the campground is a dirt road (waypoint LUNDAM, just before the gate on the paved road) that takes you to below the dam to the Lakes Canyon trailhead (waypoint LAKESC at the end of the purple line on the detailed map) for access to the trail which climbs visibly along the south side of the lake. This is the Hoover Wilderness trailhead for Mt Warren, going south up Lake Canyon. It's a basic trailhead with lots of parking and an outhouse.

If you continue along the north shore of Lundy Lake (staying on pavement at waypoint LUNDAM and passing through a gate that apparently closes in winter), you'll reach the Lundy Lake Resort (waypoint LUNRES) with a general store and boat launch. The road from here on is dirt, and gets pretty narrow in places, but it's fine for all passenger cars.

Once you get past the private campsites there's an Inyo Nat Forest sign (waypoint INYONF) and a no camping sign. They'd prefer you pay, eh?

The road ends in a one-way loop around an outhouse (waypoint LUNDYC) at the Lundy Canyon Trailhead, where there appear to be a few small campsites with picnic tables tucked into the trees. Again, plenty of parking. This time there's no visibility due to the trees and brush, but the trail leaves from the highest point of the road loop. This would be the trailhead for Conness, North, etc.

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