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9-23 Jan 2019
Ojos del Salado (Chile). Looking for 2-3 climbing partners to join
Not a technical climb but altitude can be challenging
Chile... Ojo del Salado peaking at 22,600...ish
Mark Washburn

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Ojos del Salado (Chile). Looking for 2-3 climbing partners to join  |  jump to trip index

From Santiago Chile, fly into Copiapo, acclimatize and climb, a total of 6 days minimum is probably needed before we drive to base camp. With acclimatizing elsewhere there will be more travel time and logistics to deal with, so will take a bit longer. The final climb to the summit and back is two days. 2. Route finding is straightforward (even have GPS tracks). 3. With luck we can sleep in the huts. 4300m hut sleeps 20 or so. The 5200 hut abut 5-6 and the 5900m 10 or so. But they are first come first served, so we need to bring tents. Apart from the camp at 5900m we can transport things by car, so a tent each is probably the way to go for comfort. For the final camp we can share if we want to keep the weight down. But it is only a two+ hour carry. 4. Cooking in the hut at base camp is possible as it it can be quite windy Water can be an issue. We will plan to bring 50 liters/person in the car. Snow line is about 6000m, so difficult to rely on. Budget: Apart from the travel, the main cost is the rented 4WDs, which was close to 100$/day each. We will pick up rentals from the airport. Probably need two vehicles if we are four people. Total was somewhere in the $1,000 per person Spanish: My Spanish is excellent which is helpful.

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