Climber.Org Roster Entry: Wynne Benti

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Daytime Phone:760-920-6616
Email Address:on file - send a message to Wynne Benti

picture of Wynne Benti

Hiking Odds n' Ends:
Completed DPS list 1995 on Chuckwalla
Completed HPS list 2005 on Chuckwalla
Have summited over 1000 desiccated peaks mostly in the Western US including El Picacho del Diablo, Baja; Little Picacho; Weaver's Needle
Some technical day climbs including Cathedral Peak; Walk on the Wild Side, Zig Zag and others in Joshua Tree; Yosemite, Owens Gorge
Moonlight solo hike of Mt. Fuji starting at 10pm, summiting about 1pm

Canoeing Odds n' Ends:
American Red Cross Whitewater Canoe certified
Yukon, from Whitehorse to Dawson City (500 miles approximate)
Colorado River (Hoover to Dam to Lake Mojave), Green River (Mineral Bottom to the Confluence), Kern, Kings, American

Biking Odds n' Ends:
Bishop CA to Alaska > Bishop 11,000 miles approximate

Always up for meandering with dogs in the Eastern Sierra Nevada

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