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Daytime Phone:805 215 8688
Evening Phone:805 215 8688
Cell Phone:805 215 8688
Email Address:on file - send a message to Will MollandSimms
Street Address:afoot and afield

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Over the past few years I've made it a habit to try and summit many things. Mountains, hills, couches, you name it. I have climbed many Sierra peaks as well as most of the peaks in the Teton Range of Wyoming, not to mention a few random excursions into various mountain ranges throughout the western United States. Many of routes I choose to take are relatively easy (class 1-4) rock scrambles or low to moderate angle snow ascents however I have done a few thrilling alpine trad climbs and steep snow/ice climbs and am always up for a good challenge. I would have to say that swinging leads up the Grand was one of the highpoints in my climbing adventures so far and I look forward to many more like it. Completing the SPS list if a lifetime goal of mine however there are still many years before that one becomes a reality. Also, I'm always looking for climbing partners or anyone willing to venture into the backcountry with me and love being around people who share my passion of the outdoors.

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