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Daytime Phone:650-966-2215
Evening Phone:408-970-0760
Email Address:on file - send a message to Tim Hult
City, State, Zip:Santa Clara, CA

I've climbed all over the world. Mostly mountaineering peaks, and nothing too spectacularly hard, but the names are impressive: Denali (2x), Aconcogua, Cotopaxi, Fuji (a walk up), and Kilimanjaro etc. I've climbed over 200 peaks and crags in NY, NH, CA, WA, AK, OR, NV, AZ, CO, HI, WY, NM, and UT as well a few in Europe, Nepal (2x), Chile, Ecuador, and New Zealand, with many treks and river running in between. I enjoy adventure backcountry skiing, long cross-country backpacks, biking, sea kayaking, and photography. At one time I was a 5.9 rock climber with several major Sierra technical ascents to my credit as well. I'm comfortable in all manner of mountaineering from steep ice, 4th and easy 5th class rock as well as route finding and navigation. I've taken extensive training classes in the Sierras, the Cascades and in New Zealand. Aside from holding the Boy Scout first aid merit badge, I've taken more "basic first aid" classes than I can count and a 40 hr Wilderness first aid seminar.

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