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Daytime Phone:510-245-2816
Evening Phone:808-927-7595
Cell Phone:808-927-7595
Email Address:on file - send a message to Spence Palmer
Street Address:2338 N. Kidder Creek Rd
City, State, Zip:Greenview, Ca 96037

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I am a long time climber. I just returned to the US after 20 years in Japan. My "claim to fame" is that I'm the first.,. and ONLY documented American to top all 100 peaks of Japan's Hyaku Meizan (Japan's Famous 100 Peaks) It took me 3 years climbing on the weekends and holidays. I have climbed every mountain range in Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushuu. I've "bagged" Mt Fuji 31 times in every season. I spent the millineum night at 12,000 feet just below Fuji's summit.

I am an "old style" rock climber. I used to do a lot of rock climbing (5.7-5.9's) in Yosemite in the mid-late 70's I still rock climb but I stay away from Big Walls now. Getting too old for that sort of thing.., besides, my hanging tent is thrashed..,:-)

I've climbed Mt Whitney 5 times.., twice this past summer.., usually solo, and usually in one day. I prefer the Mountaneer's Route to the Whitney Trail.., too many yuppies..,:-)

I moved from the SF Bay Area to Siskiyou County. I'm 30 miles from Mt Shasta.,. 35 miles from the Oregon border., and I can almost touch the southern spine of the Cascades. I have a house in Greenview..., my back door is 500 feet from the boundry of the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

I will be climbing as soon as I am settled in this area. Marble Mountain Wilderness will be my training ground. I plan to do Mt Shasta this winter solo(I have no partners). I've been on the Shasta summit twice.., but not in winter.

If anyone has any advice on climbs/hikes/treks in this area., I'm all ears. I'm currently studying "hiking guides" on this area.., but I'd rather do it myself or have someone who's "been there done that" give me some tips.

Let's not mention that the Peterson-Gilman BigFoot film was made less than 70 miles from here...., another reason to get out in the bush.

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