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Daytime Phone:831-385-4592
Email Address:on file - send a message to Robert Walton
Web Page:
Street Address:124 North Mildred

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I taught at San Lorenzo Middle School in King City, California for thirty-six years before retiring in June of 2006. Phyllis, my wife of 40 years, and I still reside in King City. We have two sons - Jeremy, thirty-five and Jon, twenty-nine.I am a life-long rock-climber and mountaineer. I've made numerous ascents in the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite, though my home crags are in Pinnacles National Monument. Three of my short stories about climbing were published in the Sierra Club's Ascent. Others appeared in "High" magazine, "Loose Scree" and in "The Climbing Art". I converted a story named "Three's a Crowd" into a radio play and it was broadcast on KUSF on November 22nd, 2006. It was later broadcast several more times on PBS. Much of my poetry reflects my time in the mountains. A few of my poems have been published in journals and on websites.Four of my books for children have been published: "Joel in Tananar", "Flower Tumbles", "The Dragon and the Lemon Tree", and "Chaos Gate". My writing has won a number of recent awards. My short story "Dogwood Dream" won first place in New Millennium Writing's 2011 short fiction contest. My novella "Vienna Station" won the 2011 Galaxy prize and was published as an e-book. It is available for Kindle on Amazon. Most recently, My short story "Like a thorny Child" won the Central Coast Writers 2012 spring writing contest. Do check out my website for more information about my books.

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