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Daytime Phone:714-305-2088
Evening Phone:714-305-2088
Cell Phone:714-305-2088
Email Address:on file - send a message to Mitch Miller
City, State, Zip:Huntington Beach, CA

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The date is August 1, 2012, and two weeks ago I climbed my first Sierra peak in three years. I was sidelined by multiple myeloma, received a bone marrow transplant in January 2011 and am feeling much better, and much more active.

I just climbed my 94th and 95th Sierra peaks and hope to reach 100 before my 60th birthday in November (the photo is from May 2012).

I'm trying to reduce my pack weight, because I can't give up my digital SLR and mountaineer's tripod.

If I had to choose between two Sierra peaks in two days and one in three days, I'd probably choose the latter. I like to arrive at trailheads at reasonable afternoon or early evening hours, wake up near first light, start walking soon thereafter, and maintain a sustainable pace. I do not like to get home late on Sunday.

If I have to choose between class 2 scree and a quick class 3 rib/ridge beside it, I'll choose class 3.

I'm still finding out what I'm capable of, and getting stronger.

That said, I hope to climb 3 peaks in 3 days soon. Hey, they're close together.

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