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Daytime Phone:617-202-5789
Email Address:on file - send a message to Michael Coyne
Web Page:
Street Address:28 Upcrest Road
City, State, Zip:Boston, Massachusetts 02135

picture of Michael Coyne

Michael Coyne & Serenity 'Cheetah Girl' Coyne - Expedition Outreach

Lifelong mountain sport athletes, their love for each other & sense of adventure takes them on expeditions all over the world raising money & awareness for charity & fighting heart disease which took Michael's father when he was young: Climbing snow, rock & ice & sending first ascents in Alaska & Bolivia, setting Guinness Book World Records on the Luge sled, ski boarding first descents in remote mountainous areas along with river running & SCUBA diving.

Here's our latest Press Release

The 2013 Icelandic Wild Heart Expedition

Expedition Outreach, a charitable organization founded in 1995 will be setting out on expedition in August of 2013 to climb Iceland's highest peak, dive & set the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest 'Alpine' face first Luge. Team Leader Michael Coyne currently holds the 'Official' World Record for the highest altitude Luge run in Bolivia. The team's mission is to raise awareness of heart disease testing & raise money to save the endangered Cheetah.

Team E/O is a group of environmentally conscious explorers & athletes who educate people about the World Peace Process & other worthwhile causes by taking the publicity they receive from their 'extreme' sporting & mountaineering adventures, expeditions, races & events & focus it on education & awareness: From broadcasting live from the summit of a previously unclimbed peak in Alaska across the nation on ABC Television to being the first to Wakeboard the Amazon River & wreck diving in Iceberg Alley, they first capture the attention & imaginations of their audience.

A few years ago Michael had heart failure in the transition zone of a triathlon equivalent to 2 massive heart attacks that was related to an on the job assault that happened in uniform as a Massachusetts State Trooper, when a man tried to kill him because of his uniform. "As a lifelong athlete I was devastated". Michael stated but he is now retired young & training full time for Iceland, determined to come back stronger than ever: Inspiring all those who have experienced adversity in their lives.

Iceland is only the first of a series of expeditions that will take Team E/O across the globe from Costa Rica to New Zealand & Africa. The team will be filming for a documentary project about facing our fears & understanding the nature of our planet & our own hearts.

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