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Daytime Phone:408-867-6658
Evening Phone:408-867-6658
Email Address:on file - send a message to Louise Wholey
Web Page:
City, State, Zip:Saratoga, CA 95070

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I have been mountaineering for most of my life, enjoying both snow and rock, including technical climbing and backcountry skiing. Our airplane gives us easy access to Bishop or Tahoe to hike, climb or ski. I am often the trip leader.

Sierra Climbs:
Matterhorn, Dragtooth, Doodad, Conness, Dana,Lyell, Clark, Starr King, Cathedral Peak, Unichorn,Half Dome (w/o cables),Morrison, Ritter, Banner, Dade, Bear Creek Spire, Gabb,Humphreys, Emerson, Darwin, Haeckle,Clarence King, Sphinx, Kearsarge Pinnacles (a few),Silliman, Alta, Givens, Kettle Dome,Whitney (incl East Face), Russell, Split, Williamson,Tyndall, Sill (East face),Conness, North Peak, Florence, McClure, Lyell,Matterhorn, Dragtooth, Abbot, Mills, Dana,Lamarck, Brewer, South Guard, Tom,Farquhar, Bolton Brown, Birch,Whitney, Muir, Hale, Young, Hitchcock,Thompson, Gilbert, Johnson, Stanford, Ericsson, Genevra,Humphreys, Peak 13112 (1.2 SE Humphreys), Emerson, Rodgers, Electra (first winter), Thunder, Agassiz, Winchell,Middle Palisade, Arrow Peak, Stanford (north), Muriel, Haeckle,Bear Creek Spire, Hilgard, Dade, Basin, Tyndall,University Peak, Center Peak, Wallace,Peak 12563 (1.2 nw Pine Creek Pass), Royce, Goode,Chocolate Peak (for the kid!), Morgan, Laurel, Adams,Langley, Goat Peak, State Peak.

Other areas:
Mt Shasta (Hotlam Bolam Ridge, Whitney Glacier summer and winter), Lassen, Castle Peak, Basin Peak, Mt. Lola,Mt. Rose, Houghton Peak, Relay Peak, Rose Knob Peak,Martis Peak, Snow Valley Peak, Genoa Peak, Freel Peak, Jobs Sister,Dick's Peak, Lincoln Peak, Mt. Judah, Tamarack Peak,South Sister, Mt Hood (std route), Mt McLaughlin, Scott Peak (Oregon),Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams,Sneffels, Cirque, Longs Peak, Flattop, Hallet, Otis, Hood,Rock climbs at Yosemite, Pinnacles, Zion, Lover's Leap, Tetons,Jungfrau, Monch, Matterhorn, Blumlisalp, Weissefrau,47 4000 footers in New Hampshire incl winter ascents, Katahdin.Dhampus Peak (6000m) (Nepal)

Hikes and ski tours:
Tahoe Rim Trail (6 days, 165 miles),Trans Sierra Ski Traverse 2004 (via Shepherd Pass),2006 (via Kearsarge pass),Numerous portions of the PCT in 2005,JMT (8 days) 2004,North Pole 2000 and 2006, Numerous Arctic expeeditions.

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