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Cell Phone:916-704-7609
Email Address:on file - send a message to John Sarna
City, State, Zip:Oregon

picture of John Sarna

Peak-bagging was my passion for many years, with my most memorable climbs in the 1980s & 1990s. I've been on a long sabbatical since, except for doing a few State High Points, being busy raising a couple boys, and I doubt this will change for several years. My accomplishments are: 639 peaks bagged, including 113 repeats; leading 583 companions up 100 peaks on 51 peak-bagging expeditions, primarily for the Sierra Club Mother Lode Chapter; 108 different peaks were bagged solo; 25 different peaks were bagged with elevation greater than 4,000 meters; 110 of the 283 different Western States Climbers (formerly S.C. Northern Alpine Section) peaks (38.9%) were bagged - plus 22 repeats; 63 of the 63 different Western States Climbers Tahoe OGUL (formerly S.C. OGUL) peaks (100.0%) were bagged - plus 47 repeats; 55 of the 296 different Western States Climbers California Coastal Peaks List peaks (18.8%) were bagged - plus 27 repeats; 62 of the 246 different Los Angeles S.C. Sierra Peaks Section peaks (25.2%) were bagged - plus 14 repeats; 33 of the 98 different Los Angeles S.C. Desert Peaks Section peaks (34.4%) were bagged - plus 1 repeat; 149 of the 272 different Los Angeles S.C. Hundred Peaks Section peaks (54.8%) were bagged - plus 9 repeats; 3 of the 34 different Los Angeles Lower Peaks Section peaks (8.8%) were bagged; 12 of the 107 different San Diego S.C. Peaks peaks (11.2%) were bagged; 13 of the 50 different State High Points (26.0%) were bagged; 56 of the 56 different California County High Points (2.6%) were bagged - plus 31 repeats; and 52 different Mountain Range High Points (50% to 57% of those hiked in) were bagged - plus 8 repeats; but who's counting.

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