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Email Address:on file - send a message to James Wasser
City, State, Zip:los angeles ca 90025

Lead to 5.10b, Follow/toprope to 5.10d.

Aid climbing: lead A0, follow A1.

Snow climbing: introductory ice axe and crampon class. Self arrest, construct snow anchors.

Rock: Construct toprope and lead belay anchors using all types of protection, including natural. Can make a harness from webbing. Use mechanical ascenders, prussiks, daisy chains and aiders safely. Perform a fallen climber tie off and escape.

CLIMBING EXPERIENCE: Climbed in Joshua Tree (Pinched Rib, Pumping Ego, Solid Gold, Illusion Dweller, Exorcist, Touch and Go, Heart and Sole, Taxman, Poodles are People too, etc.), Tahquitz Rock (Open Book, Super Pooper, etc.), Suicide Rock (Ten Karat Gold, Serpentine, Flower of High Rank, etc.), Yosemite Valley (Serenity Crack, Reeds Direct, Wheat Thin, Middle Cathedral-Central Pillar of Frenzy, etc.), Tuolumne Meadows, Owens River Gorge, Williamson Rock, Apple Valley/High Desert, New Jack City, Echo Cliffs, Devil's Punchbowl, Point Dume, Texas Canyon, Malibu Creek, Stoney Point, Big Rock, Mammoth Lakes-Clark's, Mt. Woodson, Mission Gorge, Santee Boulders (all CA), Red Rocks, NV, City of Rocks, ID, Smith Rocks, OR, Adirondacks, NY, Hueco Tanks, TX, Zion NP, UT, Baja California, Mexico and other areas. Big Walls/Aid climbing: Attempted Regular NW Route of Half Dome, Yosemite. 5.9 A2 Grade V. Climb 13 pitches. My partner and I were forced to rappel because of a storm after two days on the wall. Royal Arches grade IV 5.8 A0 - 18 pitches. Snake Dike on Half Dome-5.7 Grade III Runout R 8 pitches.

Non-technical: hiked the Mt. Whitney trail in one day from Whitney Portal, 8,000+ feet to summit, 14,494 feet. 12 hours round trip hike. Passed Southern California Mountaineering Association safety tests.

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