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City, State, Zip:Visalia, CA 93277

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I am a twenty year old college student with a thirst for outdoor adventure. By no means am I an advanced outdoorsmen (yet), but I hope that by becoming involved in the community I will be able to learn many new skills and become the outdoor expert I hope to be. However, don't let this fool you. I have loads of backpacking experience, and am always up for a new challenge. I'm no expert, but I'm certainly not a rookie.

I love all things that take me outdoors and away from the repetitions of every day life. Most of my experience thus far has come from backpacking. I've been going on trips and various adventures since I was fourteen years old. Since I'm from Visalia, CA most of my trips thus far have taken place in Sequoia and Kings National Park or just around Three Rivers (S. Fork). I also have some minor kayaking/canoeing experience as well.

Recently however, I have become really interested in learning how to climb/canyoneer. Unfortunately, as a broke college student I don't have the funds necessary to take a course through anything like Sports Chalet, etc. I'm really hoping that I can find someone on in my area that is experienced in this area and might be willing to teach me the basics. Really, I'm up for anything. I'm moving to Sacramento (for college) this summer and want to get in as much action as possible before I go, whether that be climbing, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing etc.

If anybody would be willing to teach me the basics on climbing/canyoneering, or just wants to go on a trip in my area, feel free to shoot me an email. The more intense and secluded the adventure, the more interested I am.

Looking forward to learning a lot, thanks for taking the time to read this!


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