Climber.Org Roster Entry: Gary Embrey

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Evening Phone:(310) 675-8807
Email Address:on file - send a message to Gary Embrey
Street Address:11827 Oxford Av
City, State, Zip:Hawthorne, Calif. 90250

Currently a member of So. Cal. Mtneering Association (ex RCS) and instructor in Sierra Club's Wilderness Training Committee. I'd like to join you guys as you do much more ambitious climbing than we do down here. Rainier, Chechenya-man am I impressed! Well maybe not too crazy about car bombs! Your website is great! Owen Maloy sent me your link. Intermediate tele skier. SCMA Rock Course 1988 Trad lead 5.8-5.9 at Tahquitz, Williamson, Tuolumne, Yosemite & Joshua Tree. Instructor SCMA Trad Lead Workshop 2000 --put those cams away dude it's only 5.6! Basic Mountaineering Training Course 1984 Led WI 2 --like pound ins! Assistant in BMTC to '89 when insurance ended. Assistant in WTC (no ropes or axes!) '98 to present Finishing M rating for Angeles Chapter Member SCMA (1988) Sierra Club Angeles Chapter (1984)

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