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I was born in a wonderful place, Cortina d'Ampezzo, where I live and workto this day.

In the early 80s, sport climbing made its appearance in the Dolomites. Istarted to travel abroad to sport climb and discovered a whole new world ofrock climbing. I had found a style of climbing that was perfect for me andmy enthusiasm for it is still strong.

This enthusiasm has helped me to climb at a fairly high grade (my besteffort being a redpoint of an 5.14a). In the meantime I attended trainingcourses, which enabled me in time to qualify as an Alpine Guide. In 1984 Ijoined the Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina (the local guides' organization),which I am proud to be a part of and where I continue to work.

What has always been a passion, became later on in the years a job: today Iguide anyone with the desire of it up on these mountains on bothcomplicated and easy ascents. Summer and winter, trying to transmit to myclients the love I nourish for this area.

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Do you like to know more about the Dolomites? Visit my website, you'llfind here a lot of information and a rich foto-gallery :

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