Climber.Org Roster Entry: Derek Koonce

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Daytime Phone:916-230-0427
Evening Phone:916-230-0427
Cell Phone:916-230-0427
Email Address:on file - send a message to Derek Koonce
City, State, Zip:Roseville, CA 95747

picture of Derek Koonce

I am an electronic design nut that am always looking for problems to solve. Lately my focus is looking at batteries and battery charge circuits. But always open to what people would like to have in the back country. Feel free to give me suggestions.

Out side of my regular work, I work with search and rescue canines, ski patrol, and just hiking. My long-range plans is to work on the PCT over time in segments and am open to anyone that would like to join. BTW, I like to take my canine partners with me when I hike.

I have been on hikes that have pushed 20+ miles in a day with a full pack. I can handle myself for a week in the back country without resupply; probably can go further, but have not attempted.

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