Climber.Org Roster Entry: Chris Artale

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Daytime Phone:818.878.5306
Evening Phone:805.494.1420
Email Address:on file - send a message to Chris Artale
Street Address:1378 E. Hillcrest Drive #433
City, State, Zip:Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

picture of Chris Artale

I am a newbie but very motivated to learn all I can. I have hiked to the top of four peaks to date: Alta Peak - 9/15/01, Sawtooth Peak - 8/10/02, Mt. Langley - 9/2/02, and Mt. Whitney - 9/30/02. I would like to learn mountaineering/alpine skills, ice included. I am an experienced hiker with little backpacking experience, that will change this season. I have only started this love affair in 2001, but I am in head over heels! My long term goals are Denali and as many, if not all of the seven summits and a couple of 8000 meter peaks. If I hit the lottery....Everest. I am out on a trail as often as I can get there, at least once a month and almost always in the Sierra's. I have joined the Sierra Club recently and I am very interested in hooking up with the SPS section on their peak bagging outings. Well, that's all for now, I could go on for a while..So if you would like to hook up and show a newbie the "ropes" drop me a line. Thanks in advance for your help and support, Chris

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