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Daytime Phone:510-659-1413
Evening Phone:510-659-1413
Email Address:on file - send a message to Bob Bynum
City, State, Zip:Fremont, California

I have been active with the Peak Climbing Section of the Loma Prieta Chapter since 1995. Also I have been active with the Singles Section since 1982. I am currently the Chair of the Singles Section and I am the Editor of the Scree which is the Peak Climbing Section's newsletter. I lead many hikes for the Singles Section in the Bay Area. I have been backpacking and climbing for over thirty years and I have gone backpacking in New York's Adirondacks, Vermont's Green Mountains, New Hampshire's White Mountains, The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina, Arizona's Grand Canyon, and California's Sierra. I typically enjoy a good class 3 climb in the 12,000 to 14,000 ft range that gives spectacular views. I have enjoyed all of the trips that I have taken with the Peak Climbing Section and I found all of the other participants to be congenial. My climbing resume in the Sierra is as follows: 1982 Half Dome 8,842 Ft. May, 1982 Leader: Myself 1992 Mt. Whitney 14,494 Ft. August, 1992 Leader: Bob Gross 1995 Jack's Peak 9,855 Ft. June 12, 1995 Leader: Kelly Maas 1996 Bloody Mountain 12,522 Ft. June 30, 1996 Leader: Charles Schafer Red and White 12,000 Ft. August 18,1996 Leader: Chris MacIntosh Royce Peak 13,200 Ft. August 25, 1996 Leaders: Roger Crawley, Bob Suzuki Vogelsang 11,400 Ft. September 13, 1996 Leader: Aaron Schuman 1997 Mt. Harrington 11,009 Ft. June 8, 1997 Leader: Kelly Maas Kearsarge Peak 12,618 Ft. July 25, 1997 Leader: Aaron Schuman University Peak 13,589 Ft. July 26, 1997 Leader: Aaron Schuman Independence Peak 11,742 Ft. July 27, 1997 Leader: Aaron Schuman Mt. Abbott 13,704 Ft. August 3, 1997 Leader: Tony Cruz Virginia Peak 12,001 Ft. August 10, 1997 Leader: Debbie Bulger 1998 Florence Peak 12,432 Ft. September 5, 1998 Leader: Debbie Benham Mt. Warren 12,327 Ft. September 12, 1998 Leader: Aaron Schuman Mt. Hoffman 10,850 Ft. September 19, 1998 Leader: David Lou

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