Climber.Org Roster Entry: Ben Rohrs

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Email Address:on file - send a message to Ben Rohrs

I have done some fun class 4 routes and would love to meet partners for Class 4 climbing. Also, I am trying to get into Trad if anyone doesn't mind a newbie.

SUMMER PLANS:5/19 -> Mt. Sill - Success5/26 -> Gray's and Torrey's - Success8/11-12 -> Polemonium Peak via traverse from Sill - Success9/?? -> Matterhorn Peak (CA)9/22-23 -> T-bolt via SW Chute9/29-30 -> BCS via NE Ridge

CA 14ers Left: Williamson, Tyndall, Muir, Split, North Pal, Starlight, T-bolt

Winter Plans:

Whitney and Muir via MR in February 08Casaval Ridge in February 08

WISH LIST: Mt Abbot, BCS, Hotlum Glacier - Summer 2008, Mt. Rainier - May/June 2008

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