Climber.Org Roster Entry: Ben Hatchett

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Daytime Phone:530-546-4167
Email Address:on file - send a message to Ben Hatchett
City, State, Zip:Tahoe Vista, CA

My life is dedicated to seeking the innermost limits of pure fun. Born and raised as a disciple of the Sierra Nevada, residing along the north shore of the lake of the sky, I play on the slopes of this great range on a daily basis. I enjoy traveling light and fast over all types of terrain, in a manner that flows like water over stone. The types of climbs that most inspire me are those that require total mind and body connection with the rock and earth, be it a cruise up a talus filled chute or a smooth fluid progression up a seemingly blank slab. Granite, being the ever eternal teacher that it is, is my favorite type of rock to learn from and play upon. I will attempt nearly anything given the right conciousness; from class one to 5.12, an hour stroll to a weeklong epic, anything that will transport dreams to reality. There are many climbs that I wish to accomplish in many forms, currently I would like to understand climbs well enough so that they may be climbed during a full moon to experience the freedom and calmness of the night. Climb on and always seek the rad...

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