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Email Address:on file - send a message to Agustin Barajas
City, State, Zip:South Gate, CA

My experience is made up of 13 years of backpacking/hikeing. Recently I have engaged in mountaineering activities. I've climbed Mt. Whitney in the spring, when snow is still present. I've used cramp ons and ice axe on this trip and other shorter trips, such as Mt. Baldy and Mt. Olancha. I've backpacked in various wildernesses in California, Oregon, and Yellowstone National Park. Using as a resource 2 friends and I made an attempte on Picacho del Diablo in northern baja ca. MX. I have competent knowledge and experience with cross country navigation and travel.

I regularly follow a cardio routine of running, walking, swimming, and weight lifting to stay in shape. I ran the 2008 l.a. marathon.

I like to climb San Gabriel Mountain Peaks and southern sierra peaks. A trip such as this would be a good opportunity to meet other climbers and learn. I'm easy going and can get along with most people.



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