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Names in this file: Chris Jain  Christopher Jain  Pat Jameson  Dan Johnson  Greg Johnson  Nels Johnson  Scott Johnson 

Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]

Reports by Chris Jain:
11 Oct 2003 Knudtson Couloir on Mt. Thompson
[Mt Thompson]
4 Oct 2003 North Peak Couloir (right)
[North Peak]

Reports by Christopher Jain:
3-6 Jul 2003 Palisades Traverse
[Mt Sill, Polemonium Peak, North Palisade, Starlight Pinnacle, Thunderbolt Peak]
15 Jun 2003 Mt. Darwin
[Mt Darwin]

Reports by Pat Jameson:
30-31 May 2003 St. Mary's Glacier (access report)
[St Mary s]

Reports by Dan Johnson:
3-6 Jul 2000 Mt Rainier
[Mt Rainier]

Reports by Greg Johnson :
27-29 Aug 2004 Lyell and Maclure on the Rocks
[Mount Lyell, Mount Maclure]
18-19 Oct 2003 A Fall Classic: Taylor and Sirretta
[Taylor Dome, Sirretta Peak]
15-16 Aug 2003 Afoot on Abbot
[Mt Abbot]
15 Aug 1999 Warren Mountain
[Warren Mtn]
11 Oct 1998 Counting Sheep; Mt Cotter
[Mt Cotter]
11 Jul 1998 Mt Shasta (Avalanche Gulch)
[Mt Shasta]
19 Jul 1997 Dana, Gibbs
[Mt Dana, Mt Gibbs]

Reports by Nels Johnson:
26 Apr 2001 Aconcagua approach (Argentina)
South America
10 Jan 2001 Pico de Orizaba

Reports by Scott Johnson:
20 Oct 2001 Red Slate (North Couloir)
[Red Slate]


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