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Names in this file: Chris Fiedler  Steve Firebaugh  John Fischer  Bill Fisher  Jeff Fisher  Nancy Fitzsimmons  John Flinn  Chris Franchuk  Eric Frazer  Mike Freeman  Lt john c Fremont  Kim Friedman 

Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]

Reports by Chris Fiedler :
8-17 Feb 1996 Mexican Volcanoes
[Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl, El Pico De Orizaba]

Reports by Steve Firebaugh :
3 Feb 2013 Crescent Moon Couloir with dog
[Round Top Peak]
11-12 Jun 2010 Jobs/Jobs Sister/Freel from Carson Valley
[Jobs, Jobs Sister, Freel]
7 Feb 2010 Genoa Peak SE Gully
[Genoa Peak]
3 Feb 2010 Rawe Peak, W Canyon
[Rawe Peak]
30 Jan 2010 Genoa Peak from Genoa
[Genoa Peak]
30 Dec 2009 Jobs Peak E Couloir
[Jobs Peak]

Reports by John Fischer:
9 Oct 2004 Ascent of Indian Head Peak in Anza Borrego
[Indian Head]

Reports by Bill Fisher:
28 Jul 2002 Mount Bethel
[Mount Bethel]

Reports by Jeff Fisher :
4 Nov 1995 Telescope Peak from Death Valley
[Telescope Peak, Manly Peak, Mengel Pass]

Reports by Nancy Fitzsimmons:
10-11 Aug 2002 The Cowboy Climbs Humphreys His Way!
16 Nov 2001 Palm Springs to San Jacinto
[Mt San Jacinto]

Reports by John Flinn:
1 Mar 1995 Chunder on the Equator (A messy ascent of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania)
[Mt Kilimanjaro]
1 Jun 1992 Matterhorn Madness
[Matterhorn Peak]

Reports by Chris Franchuk :
20-21 Jul 2002 Koip Peak and Mt Hoffman
[Koip Peak, Mt Hoffman]
4-5 May 2002 Pyramid Peak (N)
[Pyramid Peak N]
14-15 Jul 2001 Parsons Peak
[Parsons Peak]

Reports by Eric Frazer:
2-8 Jan 2007 Climbing Illiniza Sur
[Illiniza Sur]
South America

Reports by Mike Freeman:
18 May - 28 Jun 2006 Kyajo Ri, Nepal (Ice Monster)
[Kyajo Ri]

Reports by Lt john c Fremont:
17 Mar 1996 Red Lake Peak
[Red Lake Peak]

Reports by Kim Friedman :
20-22 Jun 2002 Mount Tyndall (Las Vegas Mountaineer's Club Trip)
[Mount Tyndall]


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