Tam Times Two

30 Jan 1999 - by Steve Eckert (view roster page)

A tough crowd turned out yesterday morning (30 Jan 99) for the trip that tops Mt Tamalpias twice - Tam Times Two. 15 people got underway right on time from Muir Woods, blew past Mtn Home and up some easy third class to East Peak, rifled thru Potrero for lunch on the beach, then back up and into the clouds for a quick (but viewless) visit to West Peak. The scenery was great on the North Side Trail, where very few people go, and the weatherbeing was fortunately wrong about rain setting in.

My main reason for posting this short trip report was to thank those who showed up: They were on time, they were prepared, they were in shape, they hung together as a group, and they never complained while we banged out almost 25 miles and almost 6000' of gain in only 9.5 hours! If all hikes went this well, I'd lead more of them.

This was Jeff's first co-lead with the Day Hiking Section, and I hope you will see some hikes listed with him as leader in the future.

I also want to make sure those who were screened out don't take it badly... the last time I did this hike was not as pleasant, and I was pretty tough on making people prove they could do it this time. If you are screening a hike, consider this proof of good conditioning for those listed below:

Leader:    Steve Eckert

Co-Leader: Jeff Fisher

           Michael McDermitt

           Craig Taylor

           Richard Vassar

           Janet Vassar

           David Shaw

           Anthony Stegman

           Lou Lorber 

           John Wilkinson 

           Monica Lasgoity 

           Alan Duvall

           Gary Baker

           Roger Pantos 

           Tom Driscoll 

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