Trip Reports from 1992, Sorted by Date
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14 Reports for the Year 1992
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
20 Sep 1992 Shepherd's Crest
[Shepherd's Crest]
Mark Woolbright
13 Sep 1992 Graveyard Peak
[Graveyard Peak]
Roger Crawley
1 Sep 1992 Ritter: A Ridge Too Far
[Mt Ritter]
Larry Sasscer
1 Sep 1992 Mt Stanford: High Drama In The High Sierra
[Mt Stanford S]
Peter Maxwell
1 Sep 1992 Boundary Peak Update
[Boundary Peak]
Dinesh Desai
30 Aug 1992 Red & White Mountain
[Red and White Mtn]
Roger Crawley
5 Jul 1992 Invalids on Mt. Haeckel
[Mt Haeckel]
Jim Ramaker
4 Jul 1992 Strolling up Lyell
[Mt Lyell]
Jim Ramaker
3-6 Jul 1992 Mt. Williamson
[Mt Williamson]
Brian Healy
28 Jun 1992 Williamson Weekend
[Mt Williamson]
Chris Kramar
13 Jun 1992 Climbing The Dana Couloir
[Mt Dana]
Debbie Benham
1 Jun 1992 Matterhorn Madness
[Matterhorn Peak]
John Flinn
31 May 1992 Shasta: Gracefully Glissading to Glory (Hotlum-Bolam Route)
[Mt Shasta]
Peter Maxwell
30-31 May 1992 Mt Langley on Memorial Day
[Mt Langley]
Ed Carlson


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