Sierra Nevada Showers
(places to clean up near trailheads)

Updated Nov 2015, maintained by Linda Emerson.

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Eastern Sierra Showers
see also Shuttles, Rangers,
and JMT Crib Sheet

Hwy 89 - Carson Pass (see also GPS waypoints)
Carson River Resort
waypoint SHCARR
12399 CA-89
2 mi south of Markleeville
530-694-2229 $5 shower unknown

Conway Summit and Bridgeport (see also GPS waypoints)
Twin Lakes Resort
waypoint SHTWNR
10316 Twin Lakes Road 760-932-7751 $2 for 5 minutes, coin operated 24 hours daily
Virginia Creek Settlement
waypoint SHVRGC
west of Conway Summit, showers located in campground 760-932-7780 coin operated, takes quarters, no towels/soap 24 hrs daily

Hwy 120 - Lee Vining and Benton (see also GPS waypoints)
Mono Vista RV Park
waypoint SHMVRV
north side of town, west side of Hwy 395, just past Chevron stn 760-647-6401 $3 for 5 minutes
optional $3 for towel
$7 refundable deposit
9am-6pm daily
Murphey's Trailer Park
waypoint SHMURM
behind Murphey's Motel in downtown Lee Vining 760-647-6358 showers included in price of tent space rental
($5 per person)
8am to 8pm daily
The Inn at Benton Hot Springs
waypoint SHBENS
55137 Hwy 120 760-933-2287 individual hot tubs with natural spring water
$10/hour per person from 10am-3pm
call for rates between 3pm-8pm
daily 10am-8pm
or until 11pm with a reservation

Minarets Road near Mammoth Mountain (see also GPS waypoints)
Mammoth Mountain Inn
waypoint SHMAMI
at the top of Minaret Road across from the Main Lodge 760-934-2581 $10 per person
towel, soap, and shampoo included
inquire at the front desk
summer only
Reds Meadow Campground
waypoint SHREDS
near Devils Postpile FS Ranger Station 760-924-5500 six showers
no charge, but donations are appreciated in the donations box near the showers
24 hours daily

Mammoth Lakes (see also GPS waypoints)
Mammoth Mountain RV Park
waypoint SHMMRV
on Main Street across from the Mammoth Lakes Ranger Stn & Visitor Center 760-934-3822 $6 per person
towel/soap not included
Camp High Sierra
waypoint SHCMPH
entrance is across the street from the Bridges Condos on Lake Mary Road; sign in at the lodge 760-934-2368 or at the L.A. Dept. of Parks & Rec 213-485-4853 free to registered campers
$4 per person for non campers
towel/soap not included
9am to 9pm daily
Twin Lakes General Store
waypoint SHTLGS
in Mammoth Lakes Basin by Twin Lakes 760-934-7295 $5 per person, $1 towel rental 7am to 6pm daily
Lake Mary Marina
waypoint SHLKMM
in Mammoth Lakes Basin on the Lake Mary loop 760-934-5353 $4 per person, towel/soap not included 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays)

Lake Crowley (see also GPS waypoints)
Whitmore Pool
waypoint SHWHTM
Benton Crossing Road just east of Hwy 395, approx 4-5 mi south of Mammoth Lakes turnoff 760-935-4222
NOTE: Call first in case pool is closed for a swim meet or private function.
$4.50 per person
$2.75 for seniors and military
bring your own towel/soap
may close for private functions
noon-4pm for open swim
call for other hours
mid June through early September
Convict Lake Resort
waypoint SHCONV
Convict Lake Road on west side of Hwy 395, approx 4-5 mi south of Mammoth Lakes turnoff 760-934-3800 $3 for 3 minutes
$5 for 6 minutes
$1 for towel rental
Buy your tokens in the store 6am-9pm.
8am-7:30pm M-F, 7am-9pm weekends
April through mid-November
McGee Creek RV Park
waypoint SHMGEE
110 Mcgee Creek Rd
just off Hwy 395
760-935-4233 $5 for a shower
reportedly very nice and very clean
Rock Creek Lodge
waypoint SHRCKL
Rock Creek Canyon 760-935-4170 $5 per person summer only
9am - 5pm
Rock Creek Lakes Resort
waypoint SHRCKR
Rock Creek Canyon 760-935-4311 $2 for 5 minutes, $1 each additional 2.5 minutes, $1 per towel summer only
7am - 7pm

Bishop Creek (see also GPS waypoints)
Brown's Millpond Campground
waypoint SHBRMC
Millpond County Park
Six miles north of Bishop on Sawmill Road
760-873-5342 $2 for 7 minutes, paid campers only purchase tokens from caretaker 8am-8pm; showers open 24 hrs daily
Bishop Creek Lodge
waypoint SHBCKL
South Fork Bishop Creek 760-873-4484 $6 for a 10-minute token
$1 for a towel
soap available for sale in store
summer only
Parcher's Resort
waypoint SHPARR
South Fork Bishop Creek 760-873-4177 $6 for a 10-minute token
$1 for soap & towel
summer only
Memorial Day weekend to mid-October

Bishop (see also GPS waypoints)
Bishop City Park Pool
waypoint SHBCPP
688 N. Main Street, behind the Chamber of Commerce 760-872-7201 $5 for use of pool (includes shower)
50 cents per towel
must wear bathing suit
summer only, open daily except Mondays from noon to 7pm
Bishop Fitness Center
waypoint SHBFIT
192 East Pine Street 760-872-1059 $15 day rate including shower M-Th 6am-9pm; Fri 6am-7pm; Sat 8am-3pm; Sun 11am-5pm
Wash Tub Laundry
waypoint SHBWTL
236 North Warren Street 760-873-6627 $5, soap and towels included
owner is usually there 9am-6pm daily
may be unavailable if owner is away
daily 7am-10pm
Brown's Town Campground
waypoint SHBRTC
Hwy 395 & Schober Lane
One mile south of Bishop on U.S. 395
760-873-8522 $2 for 7 minutes, paid campers only purchase tokens in store from 8am-8pm M-F and 8am-9pm weekends
showers open 24 hrs

Big Pine (see also GPS waypoints)
Keough Hot Springs
waypoint SHKEHS
Keough Hot Spring Road
west of Hwy 395
8 miles north of Big Pine
760-872-4670 $8 access to pool & showers, no soap or towel; $3 for a 7-minute token summer 9-8 Sun-Thu, 9-9 Fri-Sat
call ahead for the rest of the year
Hi-Country Market & Hardware
waypoint SHHCMH
101 North Main
(N of Crocker, in town)
760-938-2068 buy 10-minute token at the store for $3.50, towel rental $0.50 6am-10pm
Shell Station
waypoint SHBPSS
109 South Main
(S of Crocker, in town)
760-938-2100 showers available
no details when reported Nov 2015

Independence (see also GPS waypoints)
Fort Independence Indian Reservation Campground
waypoint SHIIRC
128 Hwy 395
(2-3 miles north of town)
760-937-3150 $5 per person, campers or walk-ins
bring your own soap and towel
daily 24 hours
Chevron Station & Subway
waypoint SHICSS
Hwy 395
south of Market, in town
760-878-2618 $7 per person, no timer
towel and soap available
large room with toilet/sink/shelf
6am-10pm M-F; 7am-10pm weekends

Lone Pine and Mt Whitney (see also GPS waypoints)
Mt Whitney Portal Store
(not the Hostel in town!)
waypoint SHMWPS
10.4 miles west of Lone Pine
(4000 feet above Lone Pine)
760-876-0030 $3, no towel, no timer 8am-6pm
Mt Whitney Portal Hostel
(not the Store at trailhead!)
waypoint SHMWPH
238 S. Main Street
(right in town)
760-876-0030 $5 includes towel (no timer)
$6 with shampoo and conditioner
gear shop in the lobby
accept UPS or FedEx resupply packages
7am-midnight daily,
closed 1pm-3pm
Boulder Creek RV Resort
waypoint SHBCRV
2550 Hwy 395
(4 miles south of Lone Pine)
760-876-4243 $5 per person
$1 towel rental
daily from 7am to 9pm

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