List of Sierra Nevada Bear Box Regions

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Region AA Ansel Adams Wilderness
(formerly Minaret Wilderness)
3 boxes
(1 unverified)
Region BA Big Arroyo 5 boxes
Region BP Big Pine Creek Drainage 4 boxes
Region BC Bubbs Creek
Southern Rae Lakes Loop
11 boxes
Region CG Cedar Grove Area 7 boxes
Region CR Courtright Reservoir 3 boxes
Region HS High Sierra Trail 11 boxes
Region HP Hockett Plateau 11 boxes
(2 unverified)
Region HM Horseshoe Meadow 2 boxes
Region KA Kearsarge Area
Eastern Rae Lakes Loop
6 boxes
(4 out of service)
Region KC Kern Canyon 6 boxes
Region LE Lake Edison 2 boxes
Region LT Lodgepole to Tableland 4 boxes
Region MK Mineral King Area 13 boxes
Region RR Roaring River 3 boxes
Region RN Rock Creek North 2 boxes
Region RS Rock Creek South 3 boxes
Region SC Silliman Crest 9 boxes
Region SL South Lake near Bishop 2 boxes
Region SV Sugarloaf Valley 2 boxes
Region TC Tyndall and Crabtree Area 5 boxes
Region WC Woods Creek
Northern Rae Lakes Loop
10 boxes
Region YE Yosemite Park East 14 boxes
Region YW Yosemite Park West 4 boxes
(1 unverified)
Region YV Yosemite Valley and Merced River 5 boxes

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