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Daytime Phone:925-439-0434
Evening Phone:same
Email Address:on file - send a message to Allen Tatomer
Web Page:
Street Address:1335 Elm St.
City, State, Zip:Pittsburg, Ca. 94565

picture of Allen Tatomer

Join the Ruby Alpinists! Allen Tatomer is a native of Lamoille, Nevada and former resident of Elko... now residing in Northern California. He is a self proclaimed Ruby Mountain snob and likes to thumb his nose at the Sierras along I-80, as he speeds back to his favorite Northern Nevada mountain range, for three to four annual trips. (Typically starting the first of May and ending early October). Despite his best efforts, he has amassed a following of regulars who like to call the Rubies...a less crowded home away from Yosemite. They typically have a larger and enthusiast crowd for their 3rd annual Late Spring...Ruby Rendevoux...taking place in 2003- the week of June 7th thru 14th. (3 participants in 2000 growing to 26 in 2002!). Leveraging a healthy dose of sarcasm, alcohol and fireside humor, they have much more fun than typical SC hikes, due in part to longer trips (5 to 7 days), a more relaxed pace, more flexibility regarding route selection and by their special nightly entertainment! Allens trips fall soundly within the unique EVENT category... as opposed to typical hard-core climbs. They split costs on a Cowboy Poet/Poetess during the initial first leg and take at least one to two trips to nearby Elko to partake in a 10 course Basque restaurant feast! (The best in N.America!) followed by a quick junket to assorted Casinos. Itinerary: June 7-14 '03 trip, (tentative): Day/Night One thru Four will Car Camp and Day Hike up various canyons and peak bag 10K+ peaks each day. (Entertainment, Basque food, Group Banquets during night.) Day/Nights Five thru 7, we will Backpack/Climb the high snowfields/high canyons (off-trail) into the newly designated Wilderness Area for amazing views of unnamed lakes (fishing allowed), dozens of waterfalls, high pass snowfields and more peak bagging (Mt.Fitzgerald at 11,200 for '03. Class 2/3 non-technical). Skill Level: Moderate to strenuous trips with approx. 4K total elevation. (3C SC rating). Arch crampons and glissading sheets suggested. Less conditioned day hikers/car-campers are welcome to participate in the Day Hike portion. Limited to 25 people max! (Share $, appx. $70 p/p).Car-share from Bay Area. Application, deposits and 2 jokes per/person mandatory! (No kidding). All participants will receive a certificate/honorary membership into the Ruby Alpinist Club. Member SC Bay Area, Founder Ruby Mountain Alpinists, Ca.Adventure Club. Have led over 40+ private and SC trips.

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